Betrayal In Paradise
        Avis Lawrence


You can't judge a man by his charms, looks, or words!

Love can be "better than wine", as strong as death, empowering, 
greater than self, fearless and joyful; yet, twisted, abused and destructive.
Love is most often, the root of great evil when it's object is money.


Three young adult sisters are drawn into  a web of lies and deceit and are on the threshold  of  disaster.  Many life-changing challenges awaits
them, and will determine their destiny. Working together, two
of the sibilings search for the answers they need to solve
a mystery. Unfortanetly, evil plans are unfolding before
their eyes. 

One man is carefully weaving a web  of  betrayal and
treachery, all under the guise of love. 

Will  merciful love win in the end? Or, will the final curtian
close with tradegy?



Sibling rivalry hurts our hearts and is hard to repair. There are many hindrances that stir up conflicts and keeps us from settling our differences. On the other hand , these relationships can improve. Healing begins with forgiveness and acceptance.

The Royal sisters are not exempt from these struggles. Getting along while trying to continue their family legacy is not easy. As the siblings struggle with their own personal relationship and the pains from their past, they embark on a  journey to grow closer while investigating the intentions of a foreign man who has infiltrated himself into their lives.

Although, their struggles are many, and every step can bring joy or disaster, they can be overcomers if  they pray and seek the Lord. 

Faith can move mountians.
Fervert prayer can change many things.
Real love can heal broken hearts.

Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth."
Psalm 54:2 

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