Betrayal In Paradise
        Avis Lawrence

Avis Lawrence​​

Avis Lawrence , born on the Peninsula of Southern Florida.  She was  raised in Fort Lauderdale, where she received her formal education.  Being one of seven children, she experienced the pros and  cons of  being reared in a large family. She learned early about the advantages of prayer and having faith in God.  

Her professional background included Fashion Modeling,  Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Acting, Business Management, and Enterpreneurship. She studied at Barbizon School of Fashion and Modeling, Marymount College, Florida Memorial College, and ICS of Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Writing poetry, love and spirtual songs during her former years brought much pleasure into her life. One of her poems entiled "Black Like Me" were published  in the VISTA monthly publication in 1969.  She also wrote, directed and stared in her own play entiled "Mary" while in college.

Her works are based on some of her own life experiences.  She is exposed somewhere in all of her writings. Her experiences in life were vast; indeed, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes frightening, and painful. But those experiences were always preparing her for the future.

She's always had an interest in the romantic side of life, and write inspirational romance novels to enlighten and encourage women  who have given up on accuring unconditional love. Her message of having hope for a satisfying furure and obtaining the unflinching affections they desire is possible . In addition, she urges women
to pray and trust God to guide them in every area of their lives.

If you can believe God is available for you, then He is.