Betrayal In Paradise
        Avis Lawrence

Good and evil plagues us all. From the beginning of time until now, we have been given free-wil, and we use that freedom to make decisions that shapes our lives. The question to ask is, does good conquer evil in the course of my life. ​
On a majestic island in Hawaii, three heartbroken ethnic sisters are targeted and subjected to the treachery and betrayal by one man who could destroy their lives and livelihood forever.

Although the Royal sisters had a close-knit family in their former years, they are now struggling to maintain their sisterhood while finding ways to preserve their family legacy.

Many years have passed since their parents' death, which left the sisters in the hands of relatives and one man, Mace, who would do anything to protect them.

Marisa, the oldest of the silblings have had to work hard to care for her sisters and keep the family business afloat. After law school, she accepted a position at a prestigious law firm on the Big Island of Honolulu; as a result, much of her time and energy were spent at work not allowing her to spend quality time with her siblings. However, she occasionally visted to make sure her sisters were well and to transact businnes.

Although, involved in their lives, she was not content with her dilemma, and spent a lot of time in prayer. When she and her silblings inherited the cozy romantic resort built by their parents, their family kept the estate a float until they were of age and able to take over the daily operations themselves.

When Marisa met Kerwin Patrick, her heart told her to beware of him; however, unsuspecting  Vanda was in love and living with him. Marisa, along with her spirited youngest sister were skeptical about Kerwin's sincerity and love for Vanda. The sisters embarked on a poignant investigation for truth. Not everyone was aware of the godlessness in Kerwin's heart. 

 The sisters were defenseless against Kerwin until Stephan Armstrong stepped in, seeking to repel their enemy.

Emotional interactions began and some lives were changed. 
Modern-day inspirational romance enompasses intrigue, deceit, suspence, and betrayal. Unconditional love can sometimes make a difference.